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Detroit Bad Boys Podcast: Pistons' postseason prospects

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The DBB Podcast returns with the end of the regular season on the brain.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan is joined by Ben Gulker and Ben Quagliata for the last Detroit Bad Boys podcast before the end of the regular season! The Pistons sit at 42-37, only needing one win to secure their spot in the post-season. There are reasons to celebrate and to be cautious.

The episode starts by discussing the team's recent play and preparing for the final three games of the season. Ben talks about the bench play; both Bens talk about Reggie Bullock over Stanley Johnson in the rotation. More than that, looking at how the team has played with only three games left on the season.

Then the trio goes right into the mailbag. Answering a wide range of questions, from Stan Van as a Shakespearean character, to off-season free agent targets. Listen for the question we have all asked ourselves: Which way does the water flush in Australia? Is it really counter-clockwise? Our resident Aussie Ben Quagliata (did you know the 'G' is silent?) helps answer this and other hard-hitting questions.

Finally, the episode ends on a pair of tangents. Ben Gulker discusses defending point guards and Reggie Jackson's role defensively. Then, Quags brings up the Pistons playoff position. If they clinch on Friday against Washington, do they rest their starters?

All of this and much more can be heard for your entertainment pleasure on this special DBB Podcast episode. To continue to support the podcast, subscribe on iTunes!