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NBA playoff standings: Pistons clinch playoff berth

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The Pistons clinched their first playoff berth since the 2008-2009 season.

Michael Heiman/Getty Images

Ahhhhh, a lot has happened since 2008-2009, the last time the Pistons made the playoffs. But the felt-like-forever drought is officially over after Friday night's win over the Washington Wizards. The Pistons will experience the 2016 NBA playoffs.

With two games to play in the regular season before the "new season" begins, the Pistons not only clinched a playoff spot, but they also moved back into the No. 7 spot, lining themselves up to take on the Toronto Raptors in the first round. (Of course, playing the Raptors is bad news if you ask Gregg Popovich.) The Pacers move to No. 8 with their loss to the Raptors on Friday night, but they are only half a game back of the Pistons and hold the tiebreaker.

The Pacers can move back into the No. 7 spot with a win on Sunday against the Brooklyn Nets. Both teams then play next Tuesday -- the Pacers hosting the Knicks and the Pistons the Heat -- and close out the season together on Wednesday on the road -- the Pacers in Milwaukee and the Pistons in Cleveland.

Either way, playoffs. I've married and had two kids since the last time they made it, three lifetimes ago.

Now your PLAYOFFS thoughts!!!11

UPDATE: The Pacers won on Sunday night, so the Pistons are back in the No. 8 spot, lined up to upset the Cleveland Cavs.