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Terry Stotts shouts out Sheed in post-game press conference

"Both teams played hard."

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Sheed was a Jail Blazer when he said this, but he'll always be our Sheed, so this is relevant enough to share with you all -- Terry Stotts' reaction to a question after the Blazers got torched by Steph Curry in overtime:

You might also like this excerpt from a Tim Donaghy appearance on a podcast:

On Rasheed Wallace:

"Not only did I not like officiating his games, I was afraid at times he was going to knock my block off... there was nothing you could do to get the guy on your side... with saying that, I've talked to Rasheed Wallace in the last couple of years and he's nothing but a complete gentleman off the floor. That leads me to believe that he's just so competitive at times that he can't control himself."

Carry on, ya bandwagon ass-cats.