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Stan Van Gundy interview with Zach Lowe is worth your time

Van Gundy answers questions about Hack-a-Dre, the Tobias trade, how he's watching the playoffs, and more.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Zach Lowe spoke to Van Gundy recently at the draft combine in Chicago and transcribed the interview, which is definitely worth your time at Van Gundy, always a fun quote, re-hashes Hack-a-Dre, the Tobias trade and some other stuff you've likely read here in other words or at other Detroit media outfits, but the Q&A does go into a bit more detail on other things, like how he's currently watching the NBA playoffs and how his staff is prepping for the upcoming offseason.

One thing that stuck out to me was a question about the defensive deficiencies of Tobias Harris and Marcus Morris at the four. This was a concern highlighted in the Cavs series, forgiven and forgotten in the immediate aftermath of the Pistons' 16-9 run with Harris in the starting lineup and a playoff berth for the first time in seven years. Van Gundy says the Pistons plan on addressing it this offseason.

Here's the excerpt from the Q & A:

Your defense slipped after the Tobias Harris trade, when he became your power forward, even if he and Marcus Morris would swap assignments a lot on both ends. Kevin Love hurt you in the post. Is your power forward defense good enough with those two, or do you need to add a guy with a little more bulk for certain matchups?

A little bit of both. We've gotta do a better job schematically, maybe fronting the post more when they're in there together. But we do need to add somebody there who can help us in those situations. There aren't a lot of power forwards left that can really take you down there, and even if they do, we can usually get an advantage on the other end.

But we do need that area covered better, and it'll be something we try to address in the offseason. But we have to do a better job as coaches, and those guys have to do a better job individually.

Go read the whole thing and come back here to discuss.

(h/t to DBBer Aris Kafadogias for sharing the link and ije2112 for recommending its own post)