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NBA Draft Lottery 2016 results: 76ers will pick No. 1 overall


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Dikembe Mutombo broke the news. The NBA confirmed later, prior to Game 1 of the Eastern conference finals. The 76ers will have the first overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft. I mean, the 76ers had the best odds by far and overcame some bad luck in the recent draft lotteries, so it's not exactly a surprise. Something about a process paying off.

Here is the full 2016 NBA draft order for the first round: 2016 NBA Draft

1. Philadelphia 76ers

2. Los Angeles Lakers

3. Boston Celtics

4. Phoenix Suns

5. Minnesota Timberwolves

6. New Orleans Pelicans

7. Denver Nuggets

8. Sacramento Kings

9. Toronto Raptors

10. Milwaukee Bucks

11. Orlando Magic

12. Utah Jazz

13. Phoenix Suns (via Wizards)

14. Chicago Bulls

15. Denver Nuggets (via Rockets)

16. Boston Celtics (via Mavericks)

17. Memphis Grizzlies

18. Detroit Pistons

19. Denver Nuggets (via Trail Blazers)

20. Indiana Pacers

21. Atlanta Hawks

22. Charlotte Hornets

23: Boston Celtics

24. Philadelphia 76ers (via Heat)

25. Los Angeles Clippers

26. Philadelphia 76ers (via Thunder)

27. Toronto Raptors

28. Phoenix Suns (Via Cavaliers)

29. San Antonio Spurs

30. Golden State Warriors.