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Pistons Links: The Reggie Jackson-Andre Drummond duo; Matthew Dellavedova's diary of the Pistons-Cavs series, plus more Drummond-Bieber

Potential Pistons free agent signee Matthew Dellavedova with some words on the Pistons-Cavs series. That and more ahead in the links!

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Stan Van Gundy's offseason has to start with fixing Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson -- Today's Fastbreak

There were many times, however, where Jackson tried too hard to be a hero. His assist rate dropped from 10.3 per 36 minutes in his first season with the Pistons to 7.3 this season, while his turnovers only went from 3.9 to 3.3.

He did hit a career best 35.3 percent on three-pointers, but averaged 15.7 shots a game — more than Van Gundy might have wanted with Drummond in the post and Harris, Morris and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope behind the arc.

Jackson is also a disaster on the defensive end. Late in Game 4, the Cavaliers did everything in their power to force Detroit into switches so that they could attack Jackson, and they weren't the first team to do it. Caldwell-Pope is an outstanding perimeter defender, but Detroit is in serious trouble when they face a team with two scoring guards.

Delly Diaries: The Pistons were a great challenge -- Sporting News

Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova recently wrote about the Pistons-Cavs series and about his good mate, Aron Baynes.

Catching up with Baynesy

Baynesy and I had a number of chats, and hung out a bit during the series. We were both in the same position playing against each other, so we didn't want to talk basketball.

We spoke a lot about the Boomers, and what was going on in Australia.

Baynes is one of my really good mates, when we catch up we discuss our lives away from basketball — even when we're in the middle of a playoff series!

Obviously, we both want to beat each other, but I want him to do well individually, just not well enough for them to win the game.

Perhaps Baynesy clued Delly in on how Detroit and its metro area are so much better and nicer than anything Cleveland has to offer, because a lot of us wouldn't mind seeing Delly sign with Detroit -- am I right? Though, at a likely 10+ million a year, Dirty Delly could be a tad too expensive for Detroit. Money matters complicating things aside, Dirty Delly playing in Detroit while donning a Dirtroit hat at press conferences like Reggie Jackson did would be so darn perfect.

Come on Pistons brass, make Delly to Detroit happen -- I'll even chip in 20 bucks if you really need it.

Andre Drummond fires back at Twitter troll -- Detroit Sports Nation

What do you all think? Should Andre (or any high profile athlete for that matter) take the high road by not replying? Or, the hell with the high road -- they should instead put jerky, silly fans in their rightful places whenever they get the chance?

NBA early entries released; Detroit Pistons draft buzz is coming -- Detroit Free Press

Tom, Dick and Harry are really prevalent on the NBA draft early entry list which runs 162 deep. As Vince Ellis reminds us: players who have not signed with agents can withdraw from the draft by June 13.

Not unrelated with this list, a school that caught my eye while scrolling down the player and school names is Virginia Union, which is of course Ben Wallace's Alma mater. The Virginia Union player listed is forward Cedric Happi Noube, who last played with the university in the 2014-15 season. He played in 19 games that season and averaged 1.6 points per game with 3.1 rebounds and 0.1 blocks.

Because Why Not

Andre Drummond partied with Justin Bieber earlier this week. TMZ has the low-down:


Hope you enjoyed your weekend, folks -- you won't get another one until this next weekend.