Arnie Kander has been fired from Timberwolves

What are we waiting for resigning him?

Milt Newton, the general manager who took the lead after Flip Saunders died from Hodgkin’s lymphoma just before the season began, and Arnie Kander, the sports science guru brought in by Saunders to help address the team’s difficulties in keeping players healthy, were among the most significant names not to be retained.

Kander is one of the league’s most highly regarded physical therapists and ended his brief retirement to come to Minnesota last year at the urging of Saunders. The two became very close during their time in Detroit, and Saunders convinced him to spend the season helping him to address a team full of players who had missed significant time due to injury.

With Kander on board, the Wolves led the league in players who played all 82 games and point guard Ricky Rubio got through the entire season healthy. But with Saunders gone, Kander was looking to take a reduced role next season to spend more time with his family in Colorado.


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