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2016 NBA Free Agency: Jodie Meeks joins several other players on the roster bubble as draft nears

SVG is happy with his core, but wants to upgrade the rest of the roster

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Tolliver and Steve Blake are already in a tenuous situation roster wise once their contracts end officially in July, but it seems as though several other players will be in the same boat, as's Keith Langlois explores. The Pistons' media man has indicated that up to six of this year's players are on the roster bubble, suggesting a trade may materialize itself over the course of the summer.

Joining Tolliver and Blake on the hot seat are seldom used third-string center Joel Anthony and late roster addition Lorenzo Brown, both of whom are on unguaranteed contracts. Langlois then names oft-injured shooting guard Jodie Meeks and sophomore point guard Spencer Dinwiddie as players whose fates are still in the air as Detroit's front office determines both players' long-term futures with the team.

With speculation mounting that the Pistons may look to trade one, or both of their picks, it seems as though Meeks and Dinwiddie could be on the outside looking in if Stan Van Gundy & Co. decide to gamble with their draft selections. Anthony, who was traded then un-traded at the deadline, could easily be cut, as could Grand Rapids standout Lorenzo Brown, with both players having relatively negligible contracts.

If Langlois is right about the fate of Brown and Dinwiddie, it certainly seems the Pistons will look to draft an NBA-ready point guard in the upcoming draft to provide some depth behind Reggie JacksonFree agency also remains an option to fill the gap at that position, but with an exploding salary cap, options may dwindle as players look to cash in on larger contracts.