My Rookie GM Plan

Hey Detroit Bad Boys community! I'm new to the writing scene here but I've been an avid follower of this community since my early high school days. Given this, I felt it may be time for me to take a swing at tell you guys about my ideas for this offseason.

For the past two seasons, I have predicted both the draft choices and the free agent moves SVG has made. Him and Bower seem to have a pretty simple goal in mind, get younger and shoot more. Easy right? Well not really, the draft has been an interesting event to predict because both Dinwiddie and Johnson are not great shooters. But I think SVG liked the competitiveness of Johnson more than anything else.

Moving on to what SVG should do this summer, first up, The draft.


I know a lot of people out there are hoping we trade down but I really think that Wade Baldwin is a great prospect at number 18 this year. A 20 year old with a sweet shot both off the dribble and off the catch, Baldwin fits SVG's point guard mold to a T.

His shooting ability combined with his ability to create out of the pick and roll make him a rookie who legitimately can walk in and produce right away for SVG. Add on the 6'4 height with a 7' wingspan and you have a versatile player who has the skills to run backup point as well as play next to Reggie when KCP's shot isn't dropping.

The second round will be interesting. There is a lot of clamer about Thon Maker right now, I assume this is just because he is the first high school to NBA player in a while, but if you look at the tape, there isn't much there. Yes he is 7', yes he can sort of shoot. But that's about the end of it. Maker is not a great athlete, I would argue that he isn't even a good athlete. He lacks the explosion of other big men and just isn't strong enough to hold his own.

His jump shot is rickety and choppy, he has decent timing on blocks but mostly uses his length to block the shot, not elite timing or jumping ability. Overall, I think this kid is a bust that we need to stay away from. He is not Giannis or Kristaps 2.0, he lacks the fluidity of Giannis and the athleticism of Kristaps. A better second round plan would be to grab one of the other many big men in the draft. Basically if they can shoot and play defense I support the pick. Maker may work out one day, but he has all the looks of a bust.

Free Agency:

Now the fun begins. SVG has a great chance to poach some under the radar guys from other teams while they chase the big dogs. Guys like Delly and Bazemore, they're about to get way overpaid... and that's just fine for us. SVG really only needs to make two moves -- sign a backup point guard and backup power forward.

While I really do love Tolliver, I don't think it makes much sense to keep him as a main backup. Insert John Jeur, the 6'10 sweet shooting power forward from Phoenix. The reason he leaves is simple, Phoenix is a bad team, Detroit is not. Ok cool so we got the backup power forward who can also play some center and can shoot threes.

The next move is a backup point guard. After drafting Wade Baldwin, we don't need a big name guy. We just need a fill in who can shoot and run the pick and roll. Jerryd Bayless would be a perfect fit. The man shoots over 40% from three and just lost his starting job on a poor Milwaukee team, I think he wouldn't mind a change of scenery.

After that all we do is guarantee the contracts of Hilliard and sign Tolliver. Then we resign Dre and call it an offseason.

The Lineup:

Jackson, Bayless, Baldwin

KCP, Meeks, Bullock, Hilliard

Morris, Johnson

Harris, Leur, Tolliver

Dre, Baynes, second round pick

While I may be one o f the few, I think it would be premature to trade Meeks now. At the very worst, he is a great shooter when healthy. That is something I think SVG should chance this next season. With this lineup, the team is easily two to three players deep at nearly every position and the versatility offered by every player allows SVG to toy around with the lineups to match the gameplan of the opposing team.

Well that's my offseason plan, feel free to rip it apart in the comments and keep being awesome DBB! Let me know what you think and Go Pistons! I plan on posting in depth reports on each player in the future.

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