Swinging for the Fences: One Big Trade and Take the Rest of the Summer Off (WITH POLL)

NOTE: I tried to make this a 4-teamer where the pistons got tyreke AND derrick sexual favors...but I just couldn't envision any SENAIO where the jazz would consider trading favors for basically henson, MCW and a pick.

so I tried to upgrade the backup point guard spot, and add a 4/5 BLOCKS AND DUNKS, all in one trade.


PISTONS GET: tyreke evans, jon henson, MCW

PELLIES GET: greg monroe

BUCKS GET: jodie meeks, alex ajinca, #18 pick (from pistons)


starters: same

bench: tyreke, stanley johnson, henson, baynes

also: MCW, bullock, hilliard

and maybe: tolliverse, joel

WHY I THINK THE BUCKS WOULD DO IT: dumps their only long contracts as they quickly retool with shooters around point guard giannis. saves a shit ton of money. meeks and ajinca are reasonable short-term bench help, they will probably take a big (poeltl/ellenson/chriss/skal/deyonta) with their pick, and they can use the pistons' pick on another shooter (beasley/korkmaz/luwawu/valentine).

WHY I THINK THE PELLIES WOULD DO IT: anthony davis can't play center without getting hurt. trading tyreke for monroe upgrades the 5 spot. I would refuse to take on asik's money, so asik can continue on as the world's most depressingly overpaid backup center. if I were them I would try to get MCW out of this trade.

PISTONS: if tyreke continues making treys, and is healthy, and is awesome in a supersub role, then they decide if they want to pay him. if those things don't happen, they can let him walk next summer. and if MCW magically learns to shoot, he or evans or both may be valuable sign-and-trade candidates. henson's forthcoming 5-year extension fits with the SVG plan of cost-controlled certainty in a coming world of insane free-agent money.

am I being too optimistic here?

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