eastern conference finals 2017

To make the eastern conference finals for 2017 keep the core in place of Harris, Morris, KCP, Jackson, Baynes, Johnson, Hilliard, Meeks, Bullock, max out Drummond, add Jennings at 3 year 30 mil contract (up to 33), add Acy at 3 year 15 (up to 18), draft a PF/C who can shoot in First round, a PG in 2nd, and a PF/C out of the scrub pile. That should do it. Keep Meeks around, his trade value is low and he won't be relied on anyway, and he does have potential to be helpful. If that doesn't work, try to sign Ryan Anderson for 4 years 72mil and draft a PG instead in first round and sign DJ Augustin to a 2 year 6mil. If that dont work sign Gasol for 3 years 30 and Lin for 3 years 26 mil and draft best best available PF/C or PG in first round. Any one of those 3 scenarios would put us in good position to advance next year.

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