Dream Weaver's dream off-season

Write this down kids:

Salary Cap/Re-signing

Tobias Harris - $17,000,000
Reggie Jackson - $15,000,000
Jodie Meeks - $6,540,000
Aron Baynes - $6,500,000
(Josh Smith stretch) - $5,400,000
Marcus Morris - $5,000,000
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - $3,678,319
Stanley Johnson - $2,969,880
Reggie Bullock - $2,255,644
(Aaron Gray stretch) - $452,059

Darrun Hilliard - partially guaranteed $874,060

Add Drummond's 8.2 million dollar cap hold

That gives Detroit roughly 16 milllion in cap space after the draft picks.


First off no one at 18 is going to be counted on in the rotation, Bower has said as much so with that said trade the pick.

Meeks and #18 to Boston for #31 and #35. Why would Boston do this deal? They have two many picks and want to trade for a legit star. A first round pick will help with that more than two 2nd rounders.

At #31 draft Thon Maker (yeah I'm intrigued by the mix tapes), at 35 draft Gary Payton Jr. and at 49 take a Center (maybe AJ Hammons falls to 49).

None of these guys would be expected to contribute next year, but all have potential.

Free agency:

With the Meeks trade Detroit goes into free agency with about 22 million in cap space and 3 holes to fill. First priority should be back-up PG not PF. The league is becoming a guard driven league so we need a playmaker and solid defender to help lead the 2nd unit. The key will be to lower expectations and strike fast.

The point guards to target are Seth Curry, Austin Rivers, or Shane Larkin (Bayless as option 4) let's say Seth Curry for this excercise at 7 million per.

Next up if PF and we still have roughly 15 million in cap space. I think there are a few less options here, but I am thinking Meyers Leonard, John Leuer or dare I say Andre Bargnani. Again I think about 7 million per year should be able to get us one of them. We'll say Leonard for this.

Last spot to fill is another wing and SVG still has 8 million to get one with. I would like to make a run at Bazemore or Crabbe, but I think Detroit misses on both of them so SVG sits back waits for the dust to settle and signs Eric Gordon for 4 years and 32 million. I know he is coming off a 15 million dollar deal, but he is injury prone so I think 8 million is about right under the new cap.


Bower and SVG try to go this route, but after fleecing their last few trade partners no team is willing to deal with them.


Starters stay the same:

Drummond - Harris - Morris - KCP - Jackson

2nd unit:

Baynes - Leonard - Johnson - Gordon - Curry

3rd string - young and full of potential

Hammons - Maker - Bullock - Hillard - Payton Jr.

That is a team that can compete both now and in future!!

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