Ron Marshall Memorial Mock Draft: The Assignments

Ok everyone, the random draw for teams has taken place. I put everyone's name in a list on, randomised it 5 times and the order that came out was the order to which you'd be assigned teams based on the draft order. So lets all find out who you've been assigned. Draft picks will be in brackets.

Philadelphia 76ers (#1, #24, #26) - NiceUnparticularMan

Los Angeles Lakers (#2) - Jason Speirs

Boston Celtics (#3, #16, #23) - Supa Dupe

Phoenix Suns (#4, #13, #28) - thebeastman17

Minnesota Timberwolves (#5) - lamPAP

New Orleans Pelicans (#6) - Nrb17

Denver Nuggets (#7, #15, #19) - NadeemNBA

Sacramento Kings (#8) - Justin Lambregtse

Toronto Raptors (#9, #27) - The Boourns

Milwaukee Bucks (#10) - Ben Quagliata

Orlando Magic (#11) - Jeremy Jenkins

Utah Jazz (#12) - jonathan.onne

Chicago Bulls (#14) - Vinayak Swaroop

Memphis Grizzlies (#17) - bluecanti

Detroit Pistons (#18) - pistonsfan7

Indiana Pacers (#20) - Apiston

Atlanta Hawks (#21) - J.Dre

Charlotte Hornets (#22) - cameron.bolden

Los Angeles Clippers (#25) - GM26

San Antonio Spurs (#29) - 1RealLegacy

Golden State Warriors (#30) - CKnu


Assignments for the no-pick teams are as follows.

Portland Trail Blazers - GTPWTW

Cleveland Cavaliers - Spartyonthebeach

Brooklyn Nets - Ryan Caldwell

Miami Heat - gregoire1988*

Washington Wizards - Trey&Drum for life

Oklahoma City Thunder - Johnny Quid

Houston Rockets - Goose15

Dallas Mavericks - Awesone Hog

New York Knicks - MrBigShotSRB

*Both Goose and gregoire commented ambiguously on the initial thread so I'm unsure as to their involvement. They're in for now unless they say otherwise, then the teams will be ceded to the next person on the initial thread.

Now you know your teams, happy hunting.

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