Ron Marshall Memorial Mock Draft: The Trade War Room

Ok, so the time has come. You know your teams, hopefully you've researched your needs, and it's time to begin the wheeling and dealing. Here is the place where all trade discussions will take place. But be warned, last year's edition easily surpassed 1000 comments.

Anything is on the table here. Here you can try and move up, down, or into the draft altogether. Players can be traded. Trades don't necessarily even have to include draft picks. Remember, you are the GM of your franchise, and your task is to make this team better in any way. If you missed the assignment of teams, that can be found here.

The rules of trades were outlined in the initial post, but here they are again:

  • All trades must be legitimate via the ESPN Trade Machine (where possible)
  • Obviously, you cannot trade players who are about to hit free agency
  • Any trade made must be posted in the official trade thread with the subject line *OFFICIAL TRADE* otherwise the league (me) will not recognise this trade as official and therefore will not be approved

The official trade confirmation thread will be up in 24 hours, but for now, happy wheeling and dealing. Remember, the draft is June 14 at 6PM ET.

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