Majohnson19's Offseason Plan

Hi everyone, I'm Mitchel, and I'm probably what you would call a lurker. I decided to break my silence to put together a plan for what I would call a great off season for the Pistons.

For next year we have nine guys on guaranteed contracts for 2016-17: T. Harris, R. Jackson, KCP, J. Meeks, A. Baynes, M. Morris, R. Bullock, S. Johnson, and D. Hilliard, who is on a partially guaranteed deal. Now of course we will resign Andre for the max, but seeing as he has a cap hold of $8.2 million, we will factor in that number. That brings us up to $73,869,962, and with a salary cap of $92 million, we have $18,130,038 to spend.

The Draft.

This year we have the #18 and #49 picks, and I intend to use both of them.

With the #18 pick I would pick Wade Baldwin IV out of Vanderbilt. He is an interesting prospect, with a great 6'10" wingspan, and a decent 3pt%. He has all the physical tools, he just needs a little experience. I think he could really fit us well as a backup, with kind of a developmental role for his first few years.

With the #49 pick I intend to draft Georges Papagiannis out of Greece. Now he is tall at 7'2", and he really runs the floor well. In the film I watched on him, he really seemed to be a good rim protector with a lot of potential. I think we can either draft and stash him, or he can come off the bench as our third center behind Andre and Baynes. I have been very impressed with him.

Free Agency.

As I stated above, we will have around $18 million to spend, and I intend to use all of it. (side note, I didn't mention Dinwiddie above, but I will speak on him later.)

First off, we need a good solid power forward, and I have had an eye on Terrence Jones. Now, I know he did not have the greatest year last year in Houston, but he is pretty young, with good range, solid upside, and is a plus defender. I think we could probably sign him to around a 3 year $30 million deal.

Next, I think we should resign Tolliver on the cheap. We could probably get him for the veterans minimum, which would be $1,410,598, for two years, with a team option on the second year. He would provide some continuity in a roster that has seen so much turnover, plus he brings veteran leadership, and seems to be a good locker room guy.

Finally, I propose we sign E'Twaun Moore to a 3 year, $20.7 million deal. He is a solid defender, with a decent career 3pt% of 37%, not to mention that he saw a huge uptick in his 3pt% last year to about 45%. So this puts us over the cap, but not to worry, I've got a trade in mind.

The Trade.

Bower and SVG will probably find a way to make a way better trade, but this is what I'm proposing.

I propose we trade Meeks, Dinwiddie, and to sweeten the pot, our 2018 second rounder to Dallas for Devin Harris. I'm not exactly sure if Dallas would accept this deal, but it would be good for us in a number of ways. Harris has two years left on his deal, at about $4.2 million a year. I think he would fit in good as a a second string point guard, at least until Baldwin is ready. He could also provide some depth at shooting guard playing next to Reggie. He is a decent enough 3pt shooter, who can also offer a veteran presence.

After the trade we sit at $91,938,660, just under the $92 million cap.

Our Lineup

So after the dust is settled, our lineups would look like this:

Point Guard: R. Jackson, D. Harris, W. Baldwin IV

Shooting Guard: KCP, E. Moore, D. Harris, D. Hilliard

Small Forward: M. Morris, S. Johnson, T. Harris, R. Bullock

Power Forward: T. Harris, T. Jones, A. Tolliver

Center: A. Drummond, A. Baynes, G. Papagiannis

Now, what do you think, does it sound plausible?

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