Pistons Offseason Plan

The Detroit Pistons are on the brink of something great. SVG has done a marvelous job in his renovation of the squad and it will be quite interesting to see how SVG and Jeff Bower handle the small amount of success that they experienced this past season and push the team forward.


It makes me happy to be able to say that the Pistons are not really looking at drafting a starter at this point after years of searching for a first round star. The Pistons will look for a complementary piece for their 2nd unit. With the Pistons first round pick, the Pistons will pick Wade Baldwin IV. Baldwin has nice size for a point guard, which SVG loves. From all indications, Baldwin is a quality floor general who will be able to control the offense while Reggie takes a break. Baldwin is also known for his strong defense, an important component since defense tends to be Reggie Jackson's Achilles heal. Baldwin will not immediately control the second-unit as a veteran free agent will be brought over to shore up the backup point guard position until Baldwin is ready.

In the second round, the Pistons will select Georges Niang. SVG is known to not be afraid to reach for players he likes, with his pick of Darraun Hilliard last year. Niang is 6-9 and shot 40% from 3 point land 2 years ago and 39% last year. SVG is obviously always looking for more 3 point shooting so Niang would be a nice player to place on third string and watch him develop into a productive bench player.


First off, Andre Drummond will obviously be given his max contract. After that, it is far from certain. If the Pistons are looking for quality bench pieces, they may look no further than a couple former Pistons. Jonas Jerebko will be signed by the Pistons. Jerebko is a huge hustle and heart player who was a key piece for Boston in their fight for the playoffs. Jerebko can also hit the three-ball, another attribute that SVG loves. Another interesting anecdote is that Jerebko recently bought a house in the metro-Detroit area. If he likes the area enough to live here in the offseason, the Pistons may have a chance to lure him in. I think that a 3 year/$24 million dollar contract will also satisfy him. As for the other Pistons addition, D.J. Augustin is the perfect PG to backup Reggie Jackson while Wade Baldwin IV develops. Augustin lacks defense, but he will provide valuable shooting and floor general capabilities off the bench. A 1 year/$4 million contract will bring Augustin back to Detroit. As for the Pistons free agents, there will be a few goodbyes. Steve Blake, Anthony Tolliver, Lorenzo Brown and Spencer Dinwiddie will be given up while Darraun Hilliar and Joel Anthony's options will both be picked up.


PG: Reggie Jackson, D.J. Augustin, Wade Baldwin IV

SG: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Jodie Meeks, Darraun Hilliard

SF: Marcus Morris, Stanley Johnson, Reggie Bullock

PF: Tobias Harris, Jonas Jerebko, Georges Niang

C: Andre Drummond, Aron Baynes, Joel Anthony

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