RipHamiltonTUR's Plan


I'm going to keep this very simple. Trade Boston for either 16th or 23rd in exchange for Jodie Meeks and 2017 15 protected 1st rounder.

Draft Tyler Ulis, Brice Johnson and Petr Cornelie. One of them should fall to second round.

Sign Brandon Jennings for 8 million 3 years with a player option, Ersan Ilyasova for 7 million for 3 years with team option. We can also keep Tolliver since we have an extra roster space.

Now you have

Reggie Jackson - Brandon Jennings - Tyler Ulis

KCP - Darrun Hilliard - Reggie Bullock

Marcus Morris - Stanley Johnson

Tobias Harris - Ersan Ilyasova - Brice Johnson

Drummond - Baynes - Cornelie

That versatility though...

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