Ron Marshall Memorial Mock Draft: Trade War Room Part 2

The last thread was getting absolutely murdered with comments, easily passing 1000 in like 3 days. In this thread, all new discussions will take place. Obviously you can still continue with other discussions already ongoing in the other thread, but feel free to bring those over here as well, just so we don't slow everything down, as it can get a bit jumpy with the lag.

I don't know the specifics of everyone's rosters, which is why I've made a Google spreadsheet which can be accessed here. Here, you can view updated rosters of all the teams that have entered their information in. If I've done it right, anyone should be able to edit it.

When filling in the sheet under your designated space, make sure to only include tradeable pieces. So, when I put mine down, I didn't include O.J. Mayo because he's an impending free agent. It will just make things so much easier.

Happy negotiating.

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