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UPDATE: No new logo for Detroit Pistons

Everything old is new again as the Detroit Pistons go old school with a modern aesthetic in their new NBA logo.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: It looks like the Detroit Pistons aren't getting a new logo after all. The website has updated their original story with a lengthy retraction and apology. So it looks like the Pistons are not yet ready to unveil a new logo quite yet.

We also extend our apologies for any confusion caused. Original story follows.

After months of hints and rumors it is true that the Detroit Pistons will have a new logo. The news comes from Conrad Burry, graphic designer and sports logo expert, who confirmed the news after seeing the 2016-17 Adidas NBA catalog.

Burry kicked off the first round of rumors back in February when a previous version of the Adidas catalog had the Pistons, Jazz and Kings logos listed as TBD.

Already, Sacramento has unveiled it's own widely lauded new logo that takes its cues from the franchise's original mid-80s design.

The Pistons will also be looking back to its 80s championship heyday with its new logo, bringing back the classic basketball with Detroit Pistons inset. The difference is that the typeface has been given a modern polish.

Burry writes that the new logo might not officially be the primary logo, at least for now, and instead might just be the franchise's preferred logo.

The catalog indicates that the new logo will be on the official on-court jacket, on-court pant, second-half pullover, pre-game jacket, pre-game SS hood, pre-game short and "practive" three-quarter pant.

There is also an alleged new secondary logo floating around, but I'm not sure it's legit so I won't link to it. You can go spelunking on your own accord.

What do you think, DBB? Are we happy with the new, old-school logo?