EZ E's 2016 Offseason Plan

I'm going to take a page from Oklahoma City. Giving Detroit young athletic, long, and versatile players. With that in mind I'm going to try to add players in that mold.

The Pistons trade:

The Pistons trade:

KCP/Meeks for

Alex Burks SG Utah

REASON: Simply put Alex Burks can create his own offense. He scores at the same clip as KCP but more efficiently. At 6’6 214 and a good handle he’s able to finish and get to the rim. Plus he’s shot 36% from 3pt for his career and is a much better passer. Also his contract is a reasonable $10 million per for three more years. The negative is his injury history. (Shoulder 55 games missed 2014) and Ankle (51 games missed 2015). So that could be an issue but his talent is worth the gamble.

Sorry but I’m just not a believer in KCP as a foundational piece for this team. His shooting and inability to create his own offense is a liability. Good defender but that’s not worth overpaying for come the summer of 2017. Hope he proves me wrong but it’s looking as though SVG may not be a believer also.

The Pistons draft:

(#18) Wade Baldwin (PG) - 6'4", 202 lbs

14.1 pts / 4.0 reb / 5.2 ast / 1.2 stl / 0.3 blk -- .427/.406/.799

He's got the size, athleticism, length and shooting ability to become our new Vinnie Johnson off the bench. SVG can bring him along slowly behind splitting time between PG/SG. I just don't see how anyone could pass up on that type of length and shooting ability.

(#49) Ben Bentil

21.5 pts/ 7.1 reb / 0.9 stl / 1.0 -- .467/ .329 /.782

One of the top scorers in college basketball. Has good size and length for PF. Has range out 3pt line and plays with a ferociousness kind of reminds me of Corliss Williamson with 3pt range.

The Pistons sign:

Andre Drummond to a 5-year, $120 million extension

This is a mere formality.

Meyers Leonard to a 4-year, $ 40 million contract, third year is player option

Detroit needs a stretch PF/C so I know it's a long shot but Myers Leonard would be a perfect fit behind Drummond. The only question I have is whether SVG can coach him to play big. Note: Probably have to complete a sign and trade of some sort.

Jerryd Bayless to a 2-year, $15 million deal

He's fast, athletic, relatively young, fearless and his career 3pt of 36% fits perfectly into SVG system.

The Pistons waive:

Spencer Dinwiddie, Joel Anthony, and Lorenzo Brown

Final Roster:

Starters: Drummond, Harris, Morris, Burks, Jackson

Second Unit: Myers, Bayless, Johnson, Bullock

Bench Warmers/D-league: Hilliard, Baldwin, Bentil

Expected Record: 52-30

Final Thoughts:

This roster has youth, length, speed, shooting, athleticism, and versatility. Burks is clearly an upgrade over KCP in my opinion with his reasonable contract is worth the gamble rather than overpaying KCP. Detroit will have it’s core locked up for the foreseeable future.

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