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2016 NBA Draft: Detroit Bad Boys Big Board -- Brandon Ingram No. 2, now the real fun begins

The easy part is over, now the real tough choices begin.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NBA Draft is just 21 days away, and the Detroit Pistons have the No. 18 selection. But who should they pick? Even saying the "best player available" means different things to different people. Is it the player ready to contribute right away? Plays the biggest position of need? Is the highest-ceiling prospect who could pay off years down the line?

Now you can have your say in who should make up the official Detroit Bad Boys 2016 NBA Draft Big Board.

The first two, and most obvious, players are off the board in Ben Simmons at No. 1 and Brandon Ingram at No. 2. Now the real fun begins because there probably isn't much difference between picks 3-10. Heck, there might not be a huge difference between No. 3 and when the Pistons pick all the way at No. 18. Only the truly elite evaluators will know who will succeed at the next level.

Remember, this is not a mock draft, and this is not only selecting from the players people presume will be available when the Pistons make their selection. We are creating a Big Board, ranking NBA Draft prospects from No. 1 on down so that on draft night we know who the best player available is for the Pistons to select.

The poll will stay open approximately 24 hours. I will put 15 names on each poll based on Chad Ford's list of top 100 prospects. That should suffice for a while, but it might get dicey later in round one when the talent base gets flatter and people are more willing to take risks. If you believe a player who should be included in an upcoming poll is missing then make it known in the comments and I will try and include them so that people can always select the person they want.

Vote now, DBB!

Detroit Bad Boys Big Board

  1. Ben Simmons (52 percent of vote)
  2. Brandon Ingram (75 percent of vote)
  3. ???