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Detroit Pistons uniform for potential Christmas Day game

No, they will not be wearing what's in the main image. Sorry, fans.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Below in the embedded tweet is what the Detroit Pistons' uniform will look like if the Pistons are chosen to play on Christmas Day in 2016.

Courtesy of Uni Watch:

We know we initially misled you the last time we posted about the Detroit Pistons' uniform, and we're still sorry about that, but we hope you can forgive us and believe us this time that this seems to be pretty legit if the Pistons are in fact one of the ten teams to play on Christmas. According to ESPN (h/t Madpoopz for the link in the comments), "the designs are shown in an Adidas catalog that was provided to by an industry source."

The catalog shows every team for whom they had 2016-2017 jersey designs, so it doesn't guarantee the Pistons will play on Xmas, but you may still be able to purchase the jersey from retailers. Adidas is under contract for one more season to outfit the NBA. You can see all the designs in the ESPN link above.

The Christmas slate of games will not be revealed until later around the time the full season schedule is released sometime in August. The Pistons have not played on Christmas day since 2005 and are 10-22 all-time when playing on the holiday.

Now your thoughts on this design.