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DBB Podcast: Previewing the Finals, Reviewing the Season

Ben and Jordan talk Warriors vs. Cavs II and take some time to evaluate the Detroit Pistons season and their future.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After a month away, Jordan and Ben reunite right before Game 1 of the NBA Finals! Ben and Jordan each make their predictions for the Finals, with both giving their main storylines for the series. Then, Ben breaks down the Cavaliers and both take a chance to give credit to LeBron James.

Then, the focus turns to the Pistons. After watching the Cavaliers dominate the Eastern Conference, should the Pistons feel better or worse after their series sweep? Even following the sweep, are the Pistons the top contenders next season to dethrone the Cavs?

Ben mixes some cautious optimism about the Pistons future with pointed critiques of the current roster. Jordan dives into some roster building, looking at what players need to do this off-season to help the team. Starting with Andre Drummond, a conversation on his game starts with a recent article by Drew Sharp. Questions remain about Drummond's game, but Ben comes to Andre's defense.

The conversation turns to the off-season with more discussion on the team's needs. This is the perfect episode to wrap up the Pistons season and it ends with a perfect question: Was this season a success? What does success look like next season?

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