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2016 NBA free agency: Pistons reportedly among teams interested in Al Horford


Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA draft is this week, but that buzz will not stop the NBA free agency rumor mill from churning. ESPN's Marc Stein threw out this little tweet Wednesday morning:

I think I need some time to process this, but at first blush, I can't see it happening.

Horford is obviously a solid player. A veteran. An ALL-STAR! He makes his free throws. He has Michigan ties. He developed a serviceable three-point shot last season. He could make a very scary defensive duo with Andre Drummond. Hmm...

Horford will also be one of the more coveted free agents this offseason and he will likely command a whole lot more money than Aron Baynes and Marcus Morris combined. In other words, more than the Pistons will want to spend for a dubious upgrade. The older Horford would have to replace one of those two, more likely Morris, and that would require a trade to happen, too. By the time the Pistons have it all straightened out -- this might just work out -- Horford may already be on his way to the highest bidder.

What do you think, DBB?