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Detroit Bad Boys Podcast: Draft Preview!

It's four hours until the draft. What better is there to do than listen to the Detroit Bad Boys Draft Preview?!?!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The trio of Jordan Bellant, Steve Hinson, and Jacob Kuyvenhoven join forces to preview the NBA Draft! Focusing on the Pistons' picks at #18 and #49, the conversation starts with Steve explaining the team's strategy heading into the draft. It seems "Best Player Available" is Van Gundy's idea, Jacob explains why that might be best for the Pistons.

Starting with the first round pick, Steve and Jacob each share the player they 'expect' the Pistons to take. Then, a conversation about the team's needs, including at the back-up point guard spot. If the Pistons look at making an immediate impact, what prospects should they target?

Then, all three share their favorite players for the Pistons in the first round. Including a few sleepers, international players and guys that might catch the attention of the Pistons' brass.

After further dissecting specific players, Jordan asks the group "If the Pistons had the 3rd pick in the draft, who do you take?"

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