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Stan Van Gundy had Henry Ellenson No. 10 on Pistons big board

According to Stan Van Gundy, Ellenson slipped to the Pistons at No. 18 overall.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Henry Ellenson out of Marquette was projected to go No. 19 overall by Draft Express' latest mock and wasn't on the DBB voters' big board. By most other accounts, though, Ellenson was not supposed to be around at No. 18.

Stan Van Gundy didn't think Ellenson would be around at No. 18 either.

In his presser with the media after selecting Ellenson, SVG revealed that the Pistons had Ellenson No. 10 on their big board (H/T Lazchance for transcribing):

"There were still some guys we liked as guards, but he was 10th on our board. Pick at 18, get 10, pretty good with three picks to go ... we got the highest ranked guy on our board so we were pretty excited ...In the first 12-13, we had 2 guys in the 30's already gone ... we were happy with the way it broke down, but surprised"

SVG called Ellenson "such a great fit" and it really does feel like the Pistons just drafted their Donuts. SVG isn't going to put pressure on Ellenson to play right away, but he did say he could see the floor some. It would be a surprise if he didn't.

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