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Stanley Johnson changes his number out of respect for Ben Wallace

The Pistons' second-year player made a call on his numerical future.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Some, depending on how you view it, major news coming out of Orlando not concerning player moves or general rosterbation, as reported by Keith Langlois.

This was later confirmed by the man himself.

This may be insignificant news in the scheme of things, but for historical purposes this is quite big. It's always nice to see the current youth pay homage and respect to the past legends of the franchise. This was shown in no bigger way than the Pistons crushing victory over the Golden State Warriors on Ben Wallace night.

In other motivations, this now eliminates the risk of Stanley not getting his number retired. He now gets to create his own legacy in the No. 7 jersey. He could've also gone with No. 41, which was his number in college. Unfortunately, now Brandon Jennings is probably going to get stuck with No. 55 with his inevitable return.