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Pistons Links: Any NBA free agent name you can think of, 5 moves Pistons should make, and more

Links time! Chew on these before NBA free agency opens. Darrun Hilliard is.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

First off, the Jodie Meeks to Orlando Magic trade news was settled by our Mr. Brunskowski earlier Wednesday. In all, there's no shock here -- the writing was on the wall for quite some time that Meeks would not be a Detroit Piston going forward. He's a solid enough player for spurts when healthy and seemingly a professional guy, so let's see him rebound from his injuries with a strong 2016-17 season, except for when he faces the Pistons.

Big Mo / Slow Mo

Dave Hogg of Today's Fastbreak offers analysis of the Meeks trade and the Pistons preparation for the summer vegetable free agent market. Hogg also suggests that perhaps the Pistons should go with a cheaper option at power forward instead of Al Horford, namely that option could be the nearly 29-year-old Marreese Speights (Mo Buckets). Hogg isn't the first to mention Speights as a possibility, however.

Darrun Hilliard on his grind and avoiding those Sour Patch Kids, too

From Keith Langlois at

Hilliard's actually trying to gain weight. And -€” so far, so good. He's packed on about 20 pounds over a year ago. He's somewhere between 225 and 230 now with his body fat reduced and figures he'll probably settle in at around 220 for next season.

With the summer league almost here (July 2), the prevailing feeling is that Hilliard will not go unnoticed:

While there will be more eyeballs on his draft partner, Johnson, and on this year's top pick, Ellenson, and maybe even on the other new guy, Gbinije, Stan Van Gundy and his front office and coaching staffs remain very bullish on Darrun Hilliard's prospects. When you sell your Sour Patch Kids stock, you might want to buy some Darrun Hilliard futures.

Names, Names and more Names

MLive, via Matt Moore's (CBS) bevy of free-agent possibilities for Detroit:

Other players on Moore's list who he deems as good fits for the Pistons, whether it's a position of need or not: shooting guards Courtney Lee (No. 25) of Memphis and Garrett Temple (No. 66) of Washington and centers Al Jefferson (No. 40) of Charlotte and Jared Sullinger (No. 61) of Boston.

Let's put Austin Rivers on the list while we're at it. Oh wait, Matt Moore already did. Check the article or hover on the above MLive link if you don't believe me.

5 roster moves the Detroit Pistons need to make -- Hoops Habit

Matt Barnes and Udonis Haslem come up in the "sign a short-term forward" section.


It's the last day of June for many of the readers out there -- so enjoy some junk food while you still can. July is healthy food month at DBB, if you haven't already heard.