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Pistons games will still air on 105.1 FM radio in 2016-2017

Detroit Sports 105.1 is off the radio, but the Pistons will honor their contract for 2016-2017.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Sports 105.1 is no more. The station is off the airwaves after three poorly-rated years. The station will now play oldies (their website even redirects to Detroit Oldies 94.7).

For those of you who listen to Pistons games on 105.1, here's what you need to know: The Pistons will honor the one year left on their contract with 105.1 to interrupt the oldies-but-sometimes-goodies to continue bringing you the velvety voice of Mark Champion and squeaky sneaks on the hardwood.

Vice President of Public Relations Kevin Grigg issued a statement to this effect (via Freep):

Representatives from Greater Media have informed us about the programming change for Detroit Sports 105.1 FM. While we are disappointed the format is changing, we believe in the power of Greater Media, its popularity across multiple demographics, and we intend to honor the remaining year of our contract. We entered the rights agreement with Greater Media knowing its multiple radio stations would support a layered business strategy of cross-promotion between our sports and entertainment assets. We will blend Pistons game coverage and independently produced content throughout the new format at 105.1 FM while continuing to utilize WCSX and WRIF to promote all areas of our sports and entertainment business.

Back to your regularly scheduled NBA free agent rumors.