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NBA free agent rumors: ESPN's Marc Stein feels Al Horford will sign with Detroit

On the Dan Le Batard show, Marc Stein said that he believes that the Detroit Pistons have a real chance at landing Horford.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

2016 NBA free agency, also known as Spendapalooza, begins at midnight. One name that keeps being linked with Detroit is Al Horford. Stan Van Gundy wants a bigger power forward than Tobias Harris and Marcus Morris, and one that is more a power forward than Aron Baynes or the maybe-not-ready-yet Henry Ellenson, and the Pistons -- like everyone else -- have money to spend, so the Horford rumors make sense.

Thursday morning on the Dan Le Batard show, ESPN's Marc Stein gave his official prediction on where Horford will land:

Le Batard: "I, Marc Stein, will have more conviction telling you that I believe that Al Horford will end up in blank."

Stein: "Wow. Uh. Al Horford..."

Le Batard: "Oh, for the love of God, Stein."

Stein: "DETROIT. I don't know why, I feel like Detroit has a real chance here."

Granted, Detroit is not the only team going after Horford. Atlanta could change their mind and offer the fifth year, but does Horford want to be a center anymore? The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat are trying to sway BOTH Kevin Durant and Al Horford to join/stay on their team. Sean mentioned others in his post.

Regardless, there has to be something behind Stein's thinking. Maybe he thinks neither Miami nor OKC will be able to free up the cap to grab Horford and their own big name. And Atlanta will stick with the four-year offer.  Maybe he thinks that Horford really wants to come home to Detroit. Stein usually has his ear to the free agent ground and can hear the buffalo, so maybe he knows something we don't. Maybe his guess is as good as anyone's.

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