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Jim Harbaugh wearing an Allen Iverson jersey might just turn you green ... in the face

Jim Harbaugh is a mad man.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh is touring the country, stealing all of your favorite SEC teams' recruits, and at every camp he attends, he pays homage to one of the local city's teams. On Sunday it was an Allen Iverson jersey tucked into his khakis:

I thought this paragraph from SB Nation was right on the money (I'm choosing to ignore the one that follows it):

It's important to be a trailblazer in life, as in all pursuits. Jim Harbaugh officially became the first human being in the history of existence to wear an Allen Iverson jersey tucked into a pair of khakis. It's worse than that time your dad got an NFL jersey personalized with your family name on the back and tucked it into his cargo shorts.

At least it wasn't a Pistons AI jersey.

Speaking of turning green and money, here's a good article on Draymond Green.

Back to your Mondays and regularly scheduled programs.