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Adam Silver, NBA will look into 'significantly' cutting back intentional fouls

Adam Silver says that their research shows that people hate Hack-a-Dre and will look into changing rules to cut it back. But you didn't hear that from us...

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A debate which has been argued over at lengths on DBB and around the Association has once again reared its head, with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver going on record to say that the League will be looking into a way to curb the amount of intentional fouls on poor free-throw shooters. Addressing assembled media on Thursday, Silver explained that recent research showed that the tactic had seen a 16-fold increase in use over the past five years and that it was beginning to negatively affect the fans and the NBA's network partners.

Per the Detroit Free Press' Vince Ellis:

"Not only is that something that is bad for our network partners, but for all of the fan research we have, shows that the fans hate it," Silver said. "There may be a compromise in there where we can cut it down significantly."

This is very good news for the Pistons fans, as we might see a reduction in the loathsome Hack-A-Dre calls that plagued games throughout the season. Drummond, who shot a career low 36 percent from the charity stripe this year might see less time lining up his shots from the free throw line, and could potentially spend more time on the court at the expense of Aron Baynes if the League does indeed find a way to nullify intentional fouls.

Although there has been no word on what the NBA has in mind, there are many ways for referees can curb the practice. They can be simple, such as giving possession back to the free-throw shooting team, or a bit more extreme, like docking the offending team with a technical foul.

What do you think about the League's decision to step in?

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