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NBA mock draft 2016: ESPN's Chad Ford has Pistons taking Denzel Valentine

Will Valentine be the Pistons'?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While the DBB community is busy filling out the official DBB big board, ESPN's Chad Ford is throwing out mock after mock after mock, trying to get one right. In his latest, 8.0, he has the Pistons snagging Michigan State's Denzel Valentine.

18.  Detroit Pistons

Denzel Valentine
Michigan State

The Pistons could use another great passer. While Valentine isn't a point guard, he sees the floor really well, can shoot the 3 and brings a lot of intangibles to the table.

His ability to play right now would be a bonus for Detroit.

I think a majority of our community already knows about Valentine. If you don't, we'll have an official draft profile on him in the coming couple weeks, but here's the skinny now: He's a hometown guy, a big sharp-shooting guard (44 percent from three last year) who has incredible court vision and could play multiple positions. He might not fill an immediate need for the Pistons, but it's hard to imagine him not fitting in anywhere.

From a pure intangible and sentimental perspective, it might also be harder to pass up on Valentine, if he's available, fresh after seeing another overlooked Sparty utility knife win NBA finals MVP. He's not Draymond Green, but Valentine could similarly mold into one of those "heart of the team" type players. With a name like Denzel Valentine, we could have a lot of fun with that. Weigh that into your decision making accordingly.

Now your thoughts.