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Andre Drummond does cricket, learns how to hit a six off a wicked googly ... or something

Drummond goes across the pond to learn how to play cricket. Cricket players shoot layups for some reason.

Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Andre Drummond is using the summer to boost his credentials as a bona fide NBA ambassador, and sometimes that means you visit Lords in St. John's Wood in London. Once there Drummond met with England captain Eoin Morgan and Middlesex County Cricket Club's Brendon McCullum to learn the game of cricket.

In return, Drummond schooled them a little bit on the game of basketball. Drummond took a few hacks with a cricket bat and hit a six, which is the equivalent of a home run ... I think.

I do know, however, that the stadium is damn beautiful and I'm sure if I wasn't an ignorant American I would love cricket.

In preparation for this article I tried to learn some cricket terms I could incorporate into a hilarious, "in the know" sentence, but I came up empty for two main reasons -- cricket is strange and there are a billion unique terms to choose from.

I will say that I learned that a donkey-drop is less threatening than a dibbly-dobbly, which is in itself  less threatening than a trundler, which is essentially the equivalent of Bartolo Colon.