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2016 NBA Free Agency: Pistons to sign Ish Smith to 3-year deal

The reportedly have their new backup point guard.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Chances are you were asleep for the news, as it broke at roughly 3:30am on Friday, July 1, but the Pistons have, according to reports, agreed to sign former Philadelphia 76er Ish Smith to be the team's backup point guard for the next three years.

While Mayo and Ellis, amongst other outlets, are reporting the deal is for three years, no concrete or even suggested dollar amounts have come to light yet. Smith definitely wasn't one of the brighter FA lights in this year's showcase, so it's reasonable to expect that Van Gundy and co may have secured him on a cheaper deal, but we will have number figures for you when they become available.

The signing of Smith will end whatever pursuit there is for guys like Matthew Dellavedova, Jeremy Lin, Shane Larkin, etc (you would think anyway). Potentially, assuming the deal is cheap, this could also leave a lot of space for a nice power forward signing.

We'll have more intricate analysis later, but for now, initial reactions are welcome below.

UPDATE: Some figures have been reported, and it appears Smith has agreed to a 3-year deal worth $18 million. As you were.