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2016 NBA free agent rumors: Pistons may pursue Thomas Robinson

You have been warned.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons are looking for a couple bigs in free agency and Thomas Robinson is an available big. Dave Mayo of MLIVE tweeted this warning in the wee early hours of free agency that you should not be surprised if the Pistons go after the big who once elbowed Jonas Jerebko in the neck:

Three teams reportedly called Robinson after FA opened up, but it's not clear if the Pistons were one of them.

Marcus Morris, a former Jayhawk like Robinson, retweeted someone Friday morning who said the Pistons need to pick up Robinson, for however little it's worth. (I only mention it because Morris expressed interest in Ish Smith before any deal was announced there.)

Robinson was a 2012 fifth overall pick of the Sacramento Kings who has spent the first four seasons of his career bouncing around from Sacramento to Houston to Portland to Philly and lastly Brooklyn. Similar career SkyMiles to Ish Smith.

Robinson is a very good rebounder, has the kind of motor and Bad Boy in him that most Pistons fans would love, but he doesn't exactly fit the typical Stan Van Gundy mold. For instance, he can't shoot. He put up one of the worst TS% in the NBA last year and he seems to like to shoot too much. And while it was a career low for him, his FT% last season was Hack-a-TRob-level bad.

It's a reasonable concern as to what kind of fit he would have on the floor with other poor shooters, like the point guard that would be leading him. But if you're going to run out a second or third unit of mostly poor shooters, you might as well have guys who can rebound really well, and T-Rob certainly fits that description.

We'll have more if there's fire where there's smoke, or if a deal gets done.

Now your thoughts.