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Pistons introduce Boban Marjanovic, expect him to give team a different dimension

The big man was formally introduced by Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower.

Detroit Pistons Twitter

Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Nix introduced the team's newest acquisition Tuesday morning, with both executives showering Boban Marjanovic in praise as they explained the decision-making process that went into offering the San Antonio Spurs big man a 3-year, $21 million offer sheet.

"We're obviously excited that we have Boban Marjanovic here, he is somebody who gives us a totally different dimension for our team," Stan Van Gundy said, "You look at his efficiency on the offensive end of the floor, both as a pick and roll guy and a low-post player, and in the minutes he got in San Antonio, he showed he is one of the best offensive players and rebounders in the League. He has got great hands and he is someone we can play in the low post. Not only a very good scorer, he shoots a high percentage, but he's an outstanding passer and he's able to protect the rim with his size. "

Van Gundy admitted that the team wasn't going into free agency looking to add a center, but that after the signings of Ish Smith and Jon Leuer, the team found itself with a lot of leftover cap space and when news arose through the chain that Marjanovic could become available, they pounced. Stan pointed towards the hulking Serbian's rim protection, defense and free-throw shooting, while Nix talked about the lack of quality centers in the 2017 and 2018 free agent classes as some of the main reasons that made the decision to sign Boban all the easier.

SVG added to that, by saying that with the signing of Boban, the team's core (save for Aron Baynes and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope) is now locked in for the foreseeable future, and that the team had a lot of opportunities for growth as they all mature together. When discussing his fit within the team, Jeff Bower Nix explained that Marjanovic's size and skill-set will give the team a great opportunity on and off the court:

"His presence, his size is probably a little different from where the league is going currently, but there is certainly an opportunity to have a huge impact.  We have an opportunity for not only Andre and Aron but also our perimeters players to go against his size every day in practice. It's only going to create more efficiency for them, more creativity that they're going to need to redefine their games a little bit attacking the basket."

When it was Marjanovic's time to speak, he thanked everyone for the warm welcome he'd received from the city and the organization and expressed his excitement at being able to play under Stan Van Gundy, and join Andre Drummond, whom he called "one of the best players in the League". He emphasized the point that he was proud to be part of the team, and was looking forward to taking the court with them.