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Stan Van Gundy calls NBA rule changes 'cosmetic but not really very substantive'

Like putting lipstick on a pig. Stan Van Gundy doesn't think these changes effectively change anything.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Silver and the NBA got off the ugly fence on which they were perched and made 'some sort of change' to rules on intentional fouls, but it's a little curious how a smart guy like Silver thinks this will actually cut down overall intentional fouls 'significantly'.

Sean already covered it in great detail here, but I do want to share some quotes from Stan Van Gundy that David Mayo at MLIVE ran down. As you can imagine, Van Gundy seems similarly disappointed about the extent of the changes:

"I honestly don't think the rule will have too much effect because it just changes the way you have to foul," Van Gundy said. "So instead of just being able to just grab somebody in the last two minutes of each quarter, you have to wait until somebody's running up to set a screen. Now they're part of the play and you just shove them and they go to the free-throw line. If somebody's just coming across the lane to post up, and you push him, you're at the free-throw line."

"It allows you to, I guess, stand a guy out on the court as long as you don't involve him at all offensively. But you can foul him on every rebound if he tries to be involved at all. So I don't think it's changed much." [...]

"The one part of the rule that I thought really makes a difference, at all," Van Gundy said, "is the rule on the out-of-bounds plays now, because that's a way people used to foul -- Atlanta, in particular, did it to us, is to foul you and send a guy to the line even when they're not in the penalty. And so now they can't do that, and we don't have to worry about it, at least until we're in the penalty.

"But at that point, I really don't think these rules change anything."

Yep, nope.