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Pistons to officially announce Andre Drummond extension with press conference

Andre Drummond and Stan Van Gundy will speak with the media on Friday, July 15.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Pistons have officially taken care of their other offseason business, it's time to make it officially OFFICIAL with the big man of the franchise, Andre Drummond. The Pistons announced that they will have a press conference with Andre Drummond and Stan Van Gundy on Friday, July 15 at 1 p.m. ET.  The press conference will be to announce Drummond's max contract extension, a reported deal of five years, worth around $130 million.

This was all part of the plan after last offseason when the Pistons and Drummond mutually agreed to hold off on an extension to allow the Pistons to use the extra cap space made available by his rookie contract cap hold (just over $8 million vs. $22 million) to plug holes around him.

Fact is, there was never any doubt that Drummond deserved a max offer -- that decision was made long ago. It was just a question of when it would be put on the table and get inked with both sides understandably trying to protect their own interests. It was a more delicate, potentially combustible situation than we were ever led to worry about, but the Pistons and Drummond were amenable and professionals and got it done.

Now they officially put it in writing and introduce the highest paid player in Pistons franchise history.