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Pistons News: Andre Drummond improving his free-throws; KCP extension talks expected to resume in September; Roundball One taken out of service

Time for your weekly Roundup!

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Andre Drummond, Stan Van Gundy optimistic that new free-throw strategy will improve his shooting numbers

Fresh off of signing a max contract that will keep the Big Penguin in Motown for the next five years, Drummond revealed that he has been working on his free-throws, and has found a working strategy. Per Vince Ellis at the Detroit Free Press:

"I'm not worried about that," Drummond said. "At the end of the day, I still got to rise up and make free throws. We've tried different things, we've found something that works and I'm going to stick with it when the season starts and just roll with it."

After a recent change to the rules surrounding intentional fouling failed to impress many, it seems as though Pistons fans may not have to dread seeing Hack-A-Dre in the near future. Whilst both Andre and Stan were secretive as to what the particular strategy was (Is Hypnowheel going to be sitting on the sidelines? Could Chinanu Onuaku have some company?), it will probably be different to the one he tried out last summer, when SVG believed his star centre could "start pushing 60%" from the line. However, it wasn't to be, with Dre converting a career-low 35% of his freebies last season. That being said, Stan definitely thinks that this latest strategy could be the one that sticks:

"I'm really optimistic that he's going to come back and shoot free throws a lot better," Van Gundy said. "He's always put time in, but it's more than time now. It's a different focus and trying some different things, which he's been willing to do."

We're likely to hear more about what his new strategy is as training camp, media day and eventually pre-season play roll around in a few months, but until then share your thoughts about what it could be in the comment section below!

Pistons, KCP expected to resume contract extension talks in September

With the Pistons' free agency finally finalized, Pope remains the only name left on the team's "to-do" list, but it seems as though we won't find out how the negotiations are faring until a lot close to the start of the season. Detroit has until end of October to reach an agreement with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope regarding the shooting guard's contract extension, and as MLive's David Mayo reports, after initial conversations between both parties fizzled out, they intend to re-discuss the matter in September.

"With everything going on, draft, free agency, and then everybody needs a break, there's no reason that we need to go on that right now," Stan Van Gundy, Pistons president of basketball operations and head coach, said. "We've got plenty of time. They know that we're interested in trying to do something and they know that we'll talk, and that's just sort of where we left it."

Pope has been relatively nonchalant about his contract extension, previously saying he was more concerned with improving his game than negotiating his next contractDBB's own Justin Lambregtse broke down the contract situation very well in his own piece earlier this week, prompting a debate on what exactly the Georgia product could fetch on the open market, and how much the Pistons should offer him. As Mayo notes, KCP seems more than willing to bet on himself, and he should, with the cap rising he could be able to cash in, evident in some of the ridiculous contracts that have already been offered this summer. However, it seems we won't know how much the team is willing to invest in him until September at the earliest.

Pistons to fly via charter after taking its' team plane, Roundball One, out of service

Its the end of an era! The Pistons' very own private jet, Roundball One, has flown the team around for the last time, with the Detroit News' Rod Beard reporting that the team has decided to retire the plane in favor of a charter service. Roundball One was originally put into service in 1987, and marked the first time a pro sports team had their own plane.

The modified McDonnell Douglas MD-83 currently in service was the third plane to bear the Pistons' logo, but it seems that the private charters' better amenities and comfort sealed the deal for Tom Gores as the team has now joined 27 other NBA teams in choosing to fly Delta.

So long Roundball One!

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