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Pistons News: Detroit's free agents add lineup flexibility

The daily roundup and even a health tip await -- let's go!

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Good day to all the readers out there. Although the offseason drags on, it's no excuse for us not to have some fun. Let's proceed.

Pistons get better without blockbuster move -- The Detroit News

Coach Stan Van Gundy accentuated the need for internal improvement instead of counting on a savior-type player arriving in Detroit. But the deals also make the Pistons versatile enough to play many different modes and styles, and to be versatile enough to defend various lineups.

"We've got answers to small lineups, big lineups, teams that want to play two point guards together, or no point guard," Van Gundy said. "I don't think there's anything people can throw at us that we don't have good options to go to.

Bereft a year ago, Pistons suddenly teeming with options at small forward --

Marcus Morris gave the Pistons size, toughness, shooting and defense -€” a pretty nice combination of skills that Van Gundy came to quickly appreciate. He especially admired Morris' individual accountability. As the season ended, Morris -€” who shot .444 from the 3-point line after the All-Star break -€” said he was disappointed that he felt his defense had slipped down the stretch and vowed to come back better prepared to endure the workload in 2016-17.

Van Gundy won't diminish Morris' role unless someone proves capable of adequately replacing his minutes, but Johnson might well prove ready of doing so. Before injuring his shoulder and missing seven games after the All-Star break, Johnson many nights was among the Pistons' best players. His February numbers were 10.8 points, 5.9 rebounds and 2.5 assists in 30 minutes a game.

Van Gundy Defends NBA Players, Says They Deserve The Money -- CBS Local

Stan Van Gundy said it a few weeks ago, but can't hurt to bring it up again.

It was around this time in the press conference that Stan Van Gundy, sitting to Jon Leuer's left, interjected on the discussion. Van Gundy, who played a key role in bringing both Leuer and Smith to the Pistons, reminded everyone of each player's right to the fruits of his labor.

"You gotta understand this is all collectively bargained between the owners and players," he said. "The players have certainly benefited because the business of the NBA has been so good, but why is the business so good and why is the NBA so popular? It's because of the players. It's because when you turn on the TV, the quality of the athletes and the quality of the players you're watching is so good.

Listen To This -- DBB FANPOST

In case you don't look at our FanPosts very often, check out Joeski83's work on soundcloud here.

From Joeski88 in the FanPost:

An ode to the Coach. In the stylings of "Stand by Me" by Ben E. King. I sang this, and my bro JP from the HP mixed and recorded it. I figure it might only work for this past year, but we may meet again.

The Top Ten Performers at the 2016 Orlando Summer League -- DraftExpress

Lorenzo Brown at #1 and Stanley Johnson at #5.

The key for Brown heading into next season will be the continued improvement of his outside shot, having shot 36% from deep on 126 attempts over the last 2 seasons with the Grand Rapids Drive. He only shot 3/8 from the 3-point line in Orlando, as he was able to live in the paint against this type of competition. He hasn't always played with the sense of urgency you'd hope throughout his career, so it was good to see him rev up his motor into high gear and put his talent to full use in his 151 minutes in Orlando.

*A hat tip goes to NiceUnparticularMan's FanPost yesterday.


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