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DBB on 3: Super teams!?

For this week's installment where we ask three questions about any given topic we talk super teams!

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The talk of super teams was of course started when the best regular season team of all time - the Golden State Warriors - added one of the best scorers (and all around players) of all time, Kevin Durant.

Maybe it's to do with our current obsession with super hero movies that allows that word super to kind of work, but that doesn't mean it can be tossed around willy nilly as seemed the case with Derrick Rose mentioning someone referred to his new team the Knicks as a super team. We of course here are all kinda pretty big fans of our own team the Detroit Pistons and it's fun to imagine, sitting back with a large Super Big Gulp of Kool Aid, a day when our beloved team could be called a super team...

We ask you to talk super teams in the latest installment of DBB on 3.

1) If the Pistons were ever seen in the future as a "super team" which three or four players would make up that team (in the spirit of you know who trades are allowed)

Ben Gulker: The path to contention for Detroit doesn't involve them becoming a super team in any traditional sense of that word. Detroit isn't Golden State, Miami, New York, etc. Contention will require savvy management and excellent coaching.

Justin Lambregtse: I am confused by the question. Am I getting new players or keeping the current ones? Based on current roster, I would say Andre Drummond, Stanley Johnson, Tobias Harris, and Reggie Jackson. If I am getting new players, I would go with Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Paul George, and Karl Anthony-Towns.

Glenn Metzger (GM26): IF the Pistons were ever a super team, I think it would have to be a combination of Andre Drummond, Stanley Johnson, and Trade Target #1. Ideally that would be a guard since we already have a wing and a big, and would be coming from a team willing to trade him instead of losing him, so I'll fill in the blank with... Damien Lillard.

Steve Hinson: Superman, Gambit, The Flash, and Captain Planet. That's how this works, right?

Kevin Sawyer: Given something very close to our current personnel, I would say Drummond and Harris, provided the latter is able to maintain (or slightly improve upon) his caliber of play since joining the team. The third piece would come via free agency. KCP will be looking for a big payday, and if a star wing is available, the Pistons might take the opportunity to upgrade.

Ryan Pravato (Prava88): Will obviously take some years, but my guess is Drummond, Ellenson and an unknown, say like LeBron's talented kid that's getting lots of attention. Just kidding. Seriously, I would hope the "super team" would be Johnson, Drummond, Ellenson and then an elite lead guard, who is not on the roster now but already in the league. Sorry, Reg. I guess you could say I'm really high on Johnson and Ellenson being a big deal.

Ben Quagliata: After we trade for Matthew Dellavedova and Thon Maker, plus draft Ben Quagliata in 2017, I think there's a space for Stanley Johnson to be the 4th guy.

Kenneth Wallace (revken): My personal hope is that we are building a "super team" from the ground up with the guys we have. Drummond is the central guy, and will have to develop into a dominant defender and more efficient scorer to go along with being this generation's premier rebounder. Next, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope will have to continue expanding his offensive game as he becomes one of the NBA's top wing defenders, and elevate his three-point shooting accuracy to 36% or better. Stanley Johnson will need to become another potent two-way player with a versatile offensive game, bullying past smaller defenders and outmaneuvering bigger ones. Reggie Jackson must continue to develop as a top-flight point guard who can get his own points or find the open man equally well. If Tobias Harris keeps maturing as a capable scorer and defender, too, we could have the league's best starting line-up. And with an improved bench, the Pistons could become an even better version of the "Goin' to Work" squad of a dozen years ago. I don't see us getting to this level in the upcoming season, or even in 2017-18. But our time could arrive in 2018-19.

Justin Pool (J Parker Pool): Before I answer the question, I want to mention that this is a great feature we have going here at DBB, only when I imagined it in my head, it was called Harrises of the Round Table. Why? Because originally we would've been the Knights of the Round Table, but then Knight got traded for Jennings. Then we would have been the Jenningses of the Round Table, but he got traded for Harris. Thus, Harrises of the Round Table! Yeah, a joke that makes you think too much with little payoff, but that's how I imagined it. Anyway...

We have the pieces to make a trade for a star, whether that ever comes to fruition or not. While Reggie and maybe KCP are the best current players on the team, nobody has the potential to be a star like Andre Drummond. He could definitely be one star to make up a super team. The question is whether Reggie, Stanley, or KCP has the chance to rise and be considered the 3rd star on a super team. I think they all have the potential, but in all likelihood, only 1 (if any) will achieve that level (which is probably a Bosh-type level). So, we have Drummond and one of Reggie, KCP, and Stanley. We have the pieces to acquire the 3rd - probably not a budding superstar like Anthony Davis or Karl Anthony Towns, but the next tier down. Now, would that group be comparable to the LeBron-era Miami Heat? Not at all, but it would give us a puncher's chance at a championship. Then again, foregoing the superstar route and relying on internal growth could also possible net us a puncher's chance.

Vincent Diringer: Andre Drummond, Tobias Harris, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope & Reggie Jackson. The core we have now has so much potential together I see no reason to break it up, throw in Boban Marjanovic, Marcus Morris and Stanley Johnson as the team's supporting cast and voila! We'll win a Championship or seven.

2) Given the addition of Kevin Durant what win total do you expect from Golden State?

Ben Gulker: A dynasty.

Justin Lambregtse: 65. I didn't see them getting up near 73 again with the same roster as last year. I don't think that they got better with Kevin Durant, so I will say 65 because they are still going to be really good.

Glenn Metzger (GM26): I expect at least 65 wins from Golden State. Anything below that would surprise me, anything below 60 would shock me, and I probably wont be impressed unless they hit 70 again.

Steve Hinson: Whatever the over/under winds up being, I think I'll probably take the over.

Kevin Sawyer: 62. It's worth noting Golden State really only played like a 65 win team last year, based on point differential. There are going to be some growing pains integrating another high usage player into the starting lineup, and without a team like San Antonio breathing down their necks, there won't be much incentive to keep the foot on the gas all season.

Ryan Pravato (Prava88): I'll say 64 - and as I've read through some of the responses already submitted, I'll give credit to Kevin Sawyer, as his response about no team like the Spurs breathing down the Warriors' necks seems like a smart take.

Ben Quagliata: So many things went right for them to get 73. Losing Bogut and Barnes hurts more than people admit. I think they get 66-68.

Kenneth Wallace (revken): I expect about 70 wins from the Warriors. I don't think the push to set another record will matter to them, and winning 74 or more would still be very difficult. I think they'll want home court advantage throughout the playoffs, but otherwise they will focus on integrating Kevin Durant into their offense and finding playing rotations that make the best use of their star power. They have made it to the Finals the past two seasons, and experienced the joy of victory and the despair of defeat. They will be awesome most nights - especially when they are firing on all cylinders. But their eyes will be on the prize.

Justin Pool (J Parker Pool): 65. They lost a lot on the defensive end and in terms of depth. I do think they have positioned themselves better for another championship, but not necessarily for the grind of an 82-game season.

Vincent Diringer: They were a 73-win team last year... without Durant mind you. That is insane. Could we see an 77-win season from them next season? I sure hope so! I would be very surprised if they didn't at least crack 72-wins.

3) What chance do you give Derrick Rose's Knicks of being a super team as was mentioned by a mystery source?

Ben Gulker: 0%

Justin Lambregtse: Zero chance. The percentage is way in the negatives for that happening. Complete buffoonery

Glenn Metzger (GM26): What chance that we see Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah, and Kristaps Porzingis as a super team? Former MVP in his prime + defensive energizer + olympic scorer + unicorn = potential miracle, and while I do believe in miracles I don't really believe in the Knicks. 15%

Steve Hinson: About the same chances that a Domino's pizza is a super pizza.

Kevin Sawyer: Depends. Does Rose intend to play? If so, 0%.

Ryan Pravato (Prava88): 3%. Melo is still very good. If Rose somehow is at an All-Star level for a few years to come and Kristaps improves quickly (I mean he is already good) then there's a chance, hence the 3% chance (1% for each player). Noah shouldn't have been mentioned

Ben Quagliata: I thought it was proven he doesn't think they're a super team, but he said others were calling them a super team (which no one was). New York will be lucky to get 35 wins. Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings were the only things I liked about their offseason.

Kenneth Wallace (revken): The Knicks will need Derrick Rose and Joachim Noah to enjoy pristine health, Carmelo Anthony to ward off Father Time, and Kristaps Porzingis to blossom even more in his second year to become anything close to a "super team." All of that coming together is not impossible, but it does seem unlikely. Assuming reasonable health, I think the Knicks will be better, which means they should have a shot at making the playoffs. But I will be shocked if they are good enough to contend with the Cavaliers for the top spot in the East.

Justin Pool (J Parker Pool): If the Knicks are a super team then the word super has no meaning anymore. Why don't we just call Clark Kent Superman? I mean, I'm sure he hands in his assignments for the Daily Planet by the deadline most of the time, right? And he's probably able to keep plants in his apartment that don't die after a week, right? If a Rose-Anthony-Porzingis-Noah team is considered super, then any run-of-the-mill activity has to be considered super, right?

Vincent Diringer: Zero. Sorry D-Rose, but a Knicks roster consisting of you, ‘Melo, Joakim Noah and Kristaps Porzingis and loose bits like Lou Amundson, Kevin Seraphin, Lance Thomas and Sasha Vujacic doesn't exactly scare me, and I doubt it will scare many in the East.


So that's about all we got to say about that, what are your thoughts?