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President SVG: The perfect ticket

SI recently named Stan Van Gundy as their choice for President of the USA among all of the current NBA coaches. Another reason to talk Pistons during the offseason doldrums!

The doldrums of the NBA offseason have recently seen SI trying to drum up interest in the NBA by tapping into the current media firestorm: the presidential elections. In a decision we all would see as a natural selection they chose our own Stan Van Gundy as their pick for the current head coach most likely to be President of these here United States. I for one was a bit sure Popovich would've been the choice but hey, I'm ready for surprises of the Pistons kind.

But it got my mind racing and it kept directing me towards a Pistons coach that had even more pedigree for the highest office: Chuck Daly. I'm possibly showing my age a bit by even mentioning him, and I know that the whole premise of the SI piece was to discuss current coaches but now is the time that we are not only able but are too bored to not expand things. I mean... damn. I was just reading the comment section on a selection of Pistons offseason news and people were discussing the sexuality of plants and the possibility of cockroach milk as a viable source of future nutrience. WE ARE BORED, PEOPLE. But that doesn't mean we can't use our minds.

So, let's talk Chuck Daly and Stan Van Gundy as the perfect ticket, if there were even a possibility of one, to run for President and Vice President of the USA. Yes Chuck Daly is no longer with us, and Stan Van has never remotely mentioned running for office. But there are undoubtedly people among you that lived through the Daly years as I did. If we are talking a hypothetical ticket, who do you see as running for President and who as VP? Does Larry Brown deserve a nod? Does the ghost of Jack McCloskey figure in? What about John Hammond? Joe (gulp) Dumars? Is there NO LOVE for past success in this new administration?? Secretary of Mo Problems? Adjunct Minister of Nothing Loyer Than This? Department Chief of Frankly Terrible?

Let er rip. Get creative. You can also be optimistic too by the way.