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Michael Gbinije will miss remainder of Summer League with injury

Gbinije has a sprained ankle.

Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunate news for the Pistons' second round draft pick Michael Gbinije, who the Pistons wanted to evaluate as a point forward this summer. Gbinije will miss the remainder of the Orlando Summer League with a sprained ankle. According to Keith Langlois, Gbinije stepped on a teammate's ankle during Sunday's practice.

Gbinije played in only one Summer League game, the Pistons' 81-49 win on Saturday. Gbinije played decent for a first timer, putting up 10 points, seven rebounds, and five assists opposite one turnover. Gbinije also led the Pistons in three-point tries with 10.

Langlois said that the injury will push back SVG's plans to evaluate the Pistons' back up to the back up position at the point. This opens the door for Lorenzo Brown, who had a good game on Monday, and Phil Pressey.

Gbinije is only expected out for a couple weeks, but it delays any real evaluation to training camp.