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DBB Boredcast Part 2: The Pistons Awards Forecast

In Part 1 we talked awards for the NBA at large. This time we are talking about awards for the Pistons; awards both sweet and sour.

As in Part 1, this idea was basically ripped off from ESPN's Summer Forecast. I am a sucker that loves anything that gets me through the doledrums of the offseason (I even pay good monies to get Insider...oh lord help me). In Part 1 we asked our writers to predict the winners of an assortment of awards. In Part 2 we ask them to predict awards for our own Detroit Pistons. We didn't only include favorable awards, we included some unseemingly ones too.

As in Part 1, all writers were asked to give their top three votes, with #1 getting 5 points, #2 getting 3 and #3 getting one. For anyone bored enough to check, not every writer voted three votes on all three and a few abstained from voting on a couple of topics.

(In parentheses is the number of #1 votes.)

Most Improved

Stanley Johnson - 55 (9)
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - 26 (2)
Andre Drummond - 15 (1)
Reggie Jackson - 10 (1)
Reggie Bullock - 10 (1)
Tobias Harris - 6
Darrun Hilliard - 2

In Stan we trust, hopefully both Van Gundy and Johnson. If Stanley can make the jump, look out (both NBA and Marcus Morris). KCP is an obvious one here, too. Contract year, baby.

6th Man

Stanley Johnson - 40 (5)
Jon Leuer - 27 (4)
Ish Smith - 18 (2)
Marcus Morris - 10 (2)
Aaron Baynes - 10 (1)
Reggie Bullock - 5

The overwhelming favorite here could work himself out of this award by claiming a starter's spot if he even sniffs at this award. Good to see Leuer on here, too. Dude could be a real boon to the second unit's need for offense.

Defensive POY

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - 67 (12)
Andre Drummond - 25 (1)
Marcus Morris - 12
Stanley Johnson - 10

KCP is the shut-down defender when we play big-time guards, and those guys are everywhere. He absolutely has to get this. Andre needs to be nipping at his heels for this award, though, for the Pistons to reach bigger heights.


Andre Drummond - 68 (12)
Reggie Jackson - 33 (1)
Tobias Harris - 12
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - 7
Marcus Morris - 1

Dre is an obvious choice here. His continued progress is part and parcel to this team's growth. Reggie, too. We all want and need Reggie to make a leap this year or we'll be floundering in the middle of the pack in the East.

Best New Addition

Jon Leuer - 52 (8)
Boban Marjanovich - 26 (1)
Ish Smith - 21 (3)
Ray McCallum - 9 (1)
Henry Ellenson - 2
Lorenzo Brown - 1

I like this choice here. Leuer could be huge for the second unit. Speaking of huge...BOBAN. I (like I'm pretty sure everyone else) love this guy.

Worst New Addition

Ish Smith - 25 (4)

Ray McCallum - 20 (3)

Michael Gbinije - 16 (1)

Aron Baynes' top-bun - 13 (2)
Henry Ellenson - 13 (1)
Reggie's friendship with Paul George - 3
Boban Marjanovich - 1
Bandwagon fans - 1

I'm more hopeful with Ish, but understand the worry. It says a lot that this was the most varied vote. I for one wish more people voted for Bandwagon fans and less for Ish and Ray McCallum.

Most likely to be traded

Aron Baynes - 62 (12)
Marcus Morris - 12 (1)
Reggie Bullock - 14
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - 8
Darrun Hilliard - 4
Henry Ellenson -1
Ray McCallum - 1
Detroit's 1st round pick - 1
Sean Corp - 1

Sorry buddy, we love you around here Aron but the writing is on the wall in 10 foot tall letters since SVB signed Boban. Morris, while an attractive contract to trade, is also an attractive contract to keep. I for one hope he stays, kinda forever.


What do you all think? Please pontificate in the comments below.