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Stan Van Gundy gives Pistons an ‘A’ this offseason

Stan Van Gundy would give the Pistons’ offseason an A grade, because he counts the Tobias Harris trade.

NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons
Stan Van Gundy’s proud of what the Pistons did this offseason.
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone did the best they could do this NBA offseason, but how did the Pistons grade out? FoxSports gave the Pistons an A-minus. Sports Illustrated gave a couple B grades... And who really cares.

Stan Van Gundy gives himself and his staff an A, because he counts the February Tobias Harris trade deadline deal as part of their offseason. And why not? Grades are arbitrary anyway, and if Harris was originally part of an offseason plan, Stan Van makes a great point.

Per Keith Langlois:

“People forget that over half of the potential cap space was used on Tobias Harris during the year,” Van Gundy said. “So you really have to look, even though we did it at the trade deadline, that was a cap space move that allowed us going forward to do it and still be able to acquire other guys. So I throw Tobias into that. When you look at him in that group, to me it’s definitely an A (grade).”

I give the Pistons an A-plus for a good job and an A for a good effort. (I’m actually quite content with the Pistons’ offseason, because I didn’t think they needed to do much and they still managed to excite while not doing anything really exciting at all.)

Now your thoughts.