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Pistons offseason spent doing yoga, lifting each other, and meeting Rocky

For the second straight summer, the Pistons are building team chemistry doing things together.

Last summer around this time, most of the Pistons spent a week in Vegas doing UFC training, focusing on “player development”. This summer, at first, appeared to be more laid back, with Instagram posts popping up last week suggesting the team was vacationing on the beach with owner Tom Gores.

But that is not entirely true, MLIVE. The team is still working and team building by doing yoga on the beach, work outs in the field, and of course, playing basketball together. Here are some screenshots from Andre Drummond’s Instagram story last week:

Yoga’s a great work out, but I never thought I’d actually see Marcus Morris or Andre Drummond doing yoga. Good for them. Hey, who is that back there?

Human centipushups.

These guys are at work right now. What did you do today? I just lifted my brother.

Other stories showed some intrasquad run, which gave followers their first look at 7-foot-3 Boban “Bobie” Marjanovic. Marjanovic often made Drummond look small on the floor and scored easily even more often. Drummond held his own, though, putting on display some strong moves and swishing some half hooks. He also nearly posterized Bobie with a vicious dunk, but Drummond slammed it off the back iron to some oohs. One other observation: Reggie Jackson and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope looked dominant — I don’t recall them missing once, which easily could’ve been by design of the person posting the stories.

It wasn’t all work and no play, though. Drummond gave fans a glimpse into some of the fun stuff they were doing, like playing football on the beach with Gores, going to clubs, and meeting Rocky, Sylvester Stallone.

A couple of very tiny Detroit piston players that I met. … Confidentially, I believe I have the reach them..#DetroitPistons

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By my count, all Pistons who were not participating in the Olympics were there. This is a good lead in to the season.

Now your thoughts, DBB.