The Chrome Thread: New Year's Resolutions

The New Year's Eve Chrome Thread begins!

2016 sucked. This year can go to hell. But hey, it's progress to the mean.

Sauce and I put forth this Chrome Thread with New Year's Resolutions in mind. And it's not necessarily the ‘lose 10 pounds' stuff or whatever. Moreso, it's a post to declare what you're going to do to own 2017.

As we are very aware, y'all are doing some awesome stuff, getting new jobs, adding new kids to the family, moving, moving back to the D, helping kiddos be better people, raising your family ... and yourself! So share it.

Steve: For myself, I have two big goals for 2017.

I'm running my first marathon and plan on getting eight 14ers. Summiting eight 14,000 peaks sounds like a big deal, which is part of the reason for the goal, but it's not so much. I'm planning on getting four in one day with the DCLB and two with the Grays-Torreys combo. Add Quandary and Princeton, piece of cake. Colorado is great.

Of the two, the marathon is the tough one. I'm planning on the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis, but I have been chewing on the DFP in Detroit. I've always been a runner but prefer short distances. 5k has always been my favorite. I get bored running too slow. Doing it for exercise brings a supreme underwhelming feeling, comparatively. I've started training now, trying to figure out how to run longer. Not got it yet.

Sauce1977: Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is The Sauce speaking.

You're all doomed. There is a new generation of Sauce in the works!

My wife and I conceived around early October. And the little one is growing well, to date.

I am prepared for anything on this subject. The pregnancy could miscarry, or we could render unto the existence the next demi-god of the future! Or, the little one could fall somewhere in-between on such a spectrum.

We have no idea what will happen, but we are happy and grateful for the experience.

My resolution on this matter is set. We will own 2017 with all our love, best effort, and intelligence to give. It's all any of us really have, in this great big world full of free will and the results.

And via personal communication, I've seen Steve transform from what he thought his life would bring via his plans, into a thoughtful, caring, and stronger person this year. I've tried to help him with that along the way, with my thoughts and own care for him.

So I will continue to help anyone as such, should you need or want it. Steve is rising like the phoenix from the ashes. And it's glorious. It can be glorious for you, too!

And now, to 2017 ...

You better take good care of all of us, New Year. Because otherwise, you'll have us on your hands!

And now to you fine folks. Let fly in the comments.

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