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NBA Trade Deadline: For Pistons it’s go big or go home

The Pistons are struggling, but it still seems like the best course of action might be maintain the status quo

Pistons trade deadline video

Burn it down or keep building? Are the Pistons at a tipping point as we near the NBA trade deadline?

Posted by Detroit Bad Boys on Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Detroit Pistons sit at 18-22. Not where they want to be. The team as a whole has been up-and-down. Proving they can beat anybody or lose to anybody.

The season has also largely been in flux. Starting point guard Reggie Jackson missed the first quarter of the season to knee tendonitis, and once healthy, it has taken him several weeks to get back to his old self.

That means there are an awfully lot of questions and few answers. The biggest question, of course, is this — is Andre Drummond a player who can be the alpha on a contender?

For the answer to be yes, he needs to greatly improve his defense. There is only so far being the world’s greatest rebounder can take you. Still, Drummond is just 23 years old. There is still time ... but eventually that time will run out.

Stan Van Gundy the coach probably doesn’t know the definitive answer to that question, but make no mistake, once he’s comfortable he has the answer either way, he will not be afraid to make a big move.

He doesn’t strike me as someone who would be afraid to trade an Andre Drummond or a Reggie Jackson for a big return. But he has shown in his time runnning the Pistons that he doesn’t panic and he’s willing to make moves with the long view in mind.

Still, any changes to the 2016-17 squad will likely be minor. The team could certainly use an improvement on the wing, both in defending and especially 3-point shooting.

What do you think the Pistons should do? Who should they target? What is worth giving up to solidify a playoff spot and what is too much for the right to get punked by the Cavs, Raptors or Celtics?