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Pistons High / Low: Blitzed off the court by the Warriors

Film don’t lie

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons hung around for a while but the Golden State Warriors blew the doors open in the third quarter and eventually won 127-107.


It’s slim pickings trying to muster up a couple “highs” but here we go.

Detroit was able to control the paint early on, which, despite their horrid 3-point shooting, kept the game close. Below, is a rebound that probably only Boban can get followed by a generous goaltending call:

Boban’s been playing well as of late and is earning - not stealing - minutes away from Aron Baynes:

Here, his ability to collect himself after grabbing a pass that, again, only Boban can get, shows great control.


Stanley Johnson is another Piston trending upward. There’s never been a question about Johnson’s effort on defense but early in the season he was a liability on offense. Slowly, he’s gaining more confidence.

Those are two good looks for Piston big men set up by Johnson. He also connected on 2-of-3 3-point attempts.



Do you notice a difference in effort between Reggie Jackson and Stanley Johnson:

That’s textbook turnstile defense showcased by Jackson - can’t do it better than that.


Below, as Drummond help’s on the Curry drive, no one helps Dre.

It’s a tall task for Ish Smith to box out Javale McGee, but there is no reason why Darrun Hilliard can’t get his nose dirty, too.


Speaking of Hilliard, at this point in his career, he’s simply not a rotational player. Obviously the injury to KCP puts Stan Van Gundy in a bind.

I’m not sure what to call a shooting guard who can’t shoot but 2-of-12 ain’t gonna cut it.

Wide. Open.



What does the back-to-back MVP do for an encore?

He sets screens to get teammates open.


How does arguably the top 3-point shooter in the game help his team win?

He sets screens to get teammates open.


When people complain about Drummond not altering shots, this is what they’re referring to:

That’s a shot he could easily change.


No description needed:


And finally, this could be the lowest of the low:

Stay tuned.